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Reliability and Clean Technology Were Key Factors in Microturbine Selection

VAN NUYS, Calif. — (BUSINESS WIRE) — Capstone Green Energy Corporation’s (NASDAQ: CGRN) exclusive distributor in Texas, Arizona, and the Gulf States, Lone Star Power Solutions, has secured an order for a 600 kW microturbine system to be installed at a renewable natural gas station in Kansas.

With an anticipated commission date of August 2022, the new system will provide reliable power for gas compression operations at a remote site where no utility electricity is available. At the heart of the system is a natural gas-fueled Capstone C600S configured for dual mode (both grid-connected and stand-alone) operation, which will use the high-pressure natural gas (HPNG) available on-site.

The Capstone microturbine was an ideal energy solution for this project because it can deliver on the customer’s priorities, the first of which was reliability. Due to the installation being remote and unstaffed, operational reliability and low maintenance were key factors in the decision to go with Capstone. Further, leveraging clean energy technology – the microturbine’s ability to run on biogas or renewable natural gas – was an important consideration for the customer.

“Capstone was a natural fit for this unstaffed site both because the turbines are extremely reliable and they require very little maintenance,” said Doug Demaret, President of Lone Star Power Solutions. “The Capstone products are the cleanest power generation combustion technology available today, which our customers value,” added Demaret.

Turnaround time was also a critical factor. In a time when equipment shortages and shipping delays plague companies, Capstone’s ability to deliver and install the new system in weeks rather than months was also a significant benefit to the customer.

“Providing reliable power at remote sites is a hallmark of Capstone microturbine-based systems,” said Darren Jamison, President and Chief Executive Officer of Capstone Green Energy. “Our microturbines deliver a range of benefits that other power generation systems simply can’t—from ultra-low emissions without aftertreatment and minimal maintenance to speed-to-implement and system scalability. We firmly believe that our microturbines are a practical and often cost-effective path to the clean energy future,” said Mr. Jamison.