Capstone Green Energy Continues to Expand its Energy as a Service Business

VAN NUYS, CA / ACCESSWIRE / January 11, 2022 / Capstone Green Energy Corporation ( (NASDAQ:CGRN), (“Capstone”, the “Company”, “we” or “us”), a global leader in carbon reduction and on-site resilient green energy as a service (EaaS) solutions, announced today that Innovative Energy Company Limited (IEC), the exclusive Capstone distributor for Jamaica (, signed a 20-year Parts & Labor Factory Protection Plan (FPP) service contract for a C800S, 800 kilowatt (kW), Signature Series Capstone energy system installed at a premier hotel in Jamaica.

Capstone Green Energy continues to expand its Energy as a Service (EaaS) business, including its industry-leading FPP long-term comprehensive service product and its long-term rental program, both of which are important elements to Capstone achieving its near-term profitability goals as service contracts and rentals agreements generate higher contribution margin rates than traditional product sales.

The 225-room hotel commissioned the Capstone 800 kW energy system in June 2020 as they sought to reduce their energy costs by employing a Capstone Energy System tri-generation solution. The CCHP application has a project design efficiency of 83%. The Capstone C800S provides more than 95% of the hotel’s annual electrical energy, 100% of the hotel’s domestic hot water, and 80% of the hotel’s peak cooling demand by utilizing the exhaust gas. With Casptone’s energy system the hotel is reducing its annual energy costs while also reducing its greenhouse gas emissions. The C800S is also configured as Dual-Mode with integrated battery packs, which will allow the hotel to continue to operate in the event of a local grid outage.

Capstone’s industry-leading FPP long-term comprehensive service product is designed to provide complete service coverage, parts and labor for both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance for the next 20-years and protect the end-use customer from future cost increases associated with labor, replacement spare parts pricing, commodities, import tariffs, and interest rates.

“Now is the time to prepare for more intense weather events ahead as climate change is affecting everyone on a global scale. Meeting the customer’s operational needs for a stable power supply in a region impacted by severe weather while providing significant financial savings through a long-term full-coverage service contract is key to what Capstone Green Energy brings to the energy market,” said Tracy Chidbachian, Director of Customer Service.

“The 2021 Atlantic hurricane season was the third most active hurricane season on record with storms getting stronger and lasting longer, resulting in short and long-term physical and economical damages. In most cases, the unpredictable and severe weather results in extended grid outages,” said Darren Jamison, Chief Executive Officer of Capstone Green Energy. “A Capstone on-site energy system reduces the operational risks of grid outages and is designed to provide resiliency and reliability by providing continuous operation, making the Capstone high efficiency and low emission energy system the ideal solution in the Caribbean,” concluded Mr. Jamison.